Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pamper Your Nails With 3D Nail Art

From the usual color nail polish, artists in this field have come up with a new way to excite and pump up fingernail fashion, with Vancouver Japanese nail art. Vancouver nails salon have absorbed the technology and are now developing skill in creating new and original designs that may be of great appreciation in the fashion industry. A trend crazed person like me rarely misses out on updates like these. I have made use of this art and I can say that I love its feel that it gives on me and on my fingers. Having to go and spend my weekend in a nail salon has been a routine for me. I like to keep my fingernails and toenails to its optimum cleanliness and beauty. I spoil myself by having Vancouver 3D nails whenever I get the time and when a moment needs me to. Being stylish needs strict guidelines and requirements so I always ensure that I get the best treatment around. I really don't like having "just right" as a comment on my fashion sense so I certify that what I get is either "good" or even better, "great!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nail Art and Designs Trend

If you are running out of ideas on what to do with your nail designs, you should really spend couple of minutes to read this latest nail art trend here. Great nail art can be developed through using many materials, latest nail polish, accessories, stickers and most important is the handy art and skill to make up beautiful nail shapes, and nail surface. Hologram and Holographic Nail Design Holograhic nail art is something really cool and great for party and hangout for ladies. Especially eye catchy in pub and disco. You can find some hologram nail art stickers to apply a full or a semi holographic design over your nail. Usually it is best to go with plain base nail color or light nail polish colors. You can always cut out the unique design you want from the hologram sticker to make your nail art more unique and cool. Marble Nail Art Marble nail art is pretty elegant and looks natural as the smooth and natural swivel looks give you many added points on your nail.